Rizoma Architetture works on sustainability and green architecture creating places where people can enjoy peacefully their living and working. We design buildings where Nature, Energy and Smart Technology are combined together, creating innovative and breathtaking spaces. The buildings are designed to fit a special environment for people: green spaces, good air quality, spaces for socialising, tailored technology systems, high levels of energy performances, zero waste production, zero CO2 emission and zero energy consumption.

NEST BUILDINGS are the evolution of Near Zero Energy Building, they are places for the people of the 21st century, they are positive buildings not only for their energy balance, but most of all for the good quality of life that their users enjoy.

NEST BUILDINGS use tools and technologies of green buildings creating spaces for a new and different kind of relationship between Humankind and Nature.

NEST BUILDINGS represent the seeds of peaceful living, designed to embrace and protect humankind, helping people to make their lives easier, building a better future for Planet Earth.