The firm Rizoma Architetture believes in the social role of the architecture projects, thinking they are the ideal instrument through which people, thoughts, roles and activities can get in touch, creating always new interactions and stimulating contaminations.

At the root of Rizoma Architetture’s creativity and projects there is the principle of Mix&Match, that allows to model innovative shapes for living and to create spaces of sociality: hospitality, co-living, coworking, student housing, senior housing, cohousing, food&beverage for Rizoma Architetture are not only planning categories, but crossroads where the global community can find its own housing dimension, and live, work, exchange experiences and emotions with the rest of the world.

Rizoma Architetture believes in a hybrid future (both physical and digital) and in the cultural contamination, creating, in each architecture project, the condition on which all this can “happen”: now it’s time to take care of ourselves, to put together, to stay together, now it’s time to build new community relationships, now it’s the moment of Togetherness.