Food & Beverage / 2015
Food & Beverage / 2015


Place  Milano
Year  2015
Client  Berberè
Status  Completed


Reusable materials and parametric design were the key words for this new and innovative space built in record time (20 days for the structure, 2 nights for the kitchen fittings) which is home to the Alce Nero Berberè restaurant in the Bio Pavilion at the EXPO2015. The architectural concept deployed perfectly embraces the message of EXPO2015. At the end of the exhibition, the construction was dismantled and stored and can be reused and re-constructed, so that nothing has been wasted. The original project was based on the principles of parametric design: the distribution and the modification of space is determined by certain parameters, creating complex geometrical structures all based around the same pattern. This is how the circular wooden construction of the Alce Nero Berberè kitchen came into being. The design is characterised by its materials; wood, plasterboard, and other dry materials, which means it is easily transportable and reusable. The structure is also semitransparent, exposing the kitchen, which was a requirement of the design. In the most visible and exposed corner we see the pizza makers at work and the surfaces for making pasta, the things most fundamental to the Alce Nero Berberè cooking philosophy.

Designed by Arch. Giambattista Ghersi with Rizoma Architetture