Food & Beverage / 2014
Food & Beverage / 2014


Place  Florence
Year  2014
Client  Berberè
Status  Completed


The project is for the design and construction of the Berberè restaurant in Borgo San Frediano in Florence. The project involves the design for the layout of the restaurant, the design of the interior fittings and the substitution of the flooring and of the furnishings. The main feature is the monumental oven, enlarged to meet the requirements of the busy restaurant, and the kitchen, which is designed around to oven to maximise the efficiency of the work of the pizza makers. The pizza preparation surfaces, placed at the perfect angle, means that the pizzas can be put in and taken out of the oven with utmost ease. The bar, on which are mounted the craft beer taps, resembles a marble monolith. The materials used; wood, marble, steel, white bricks, and stone tiles embedded in the wooden flooring that recalls 19th century cement tiles, have been chosen to create a light and harmonious atmosphere. The design is simple and traditional so as not to distract any attention from the main activity of eating and drinking quality pizza and beer.

Designed by Arch. Giambattista Ghersi with Rizoma Architetture