Food & Beverage / 2014
Food & Beverage / 2014


Place  Ferrara
Year  2014
Cliente  Birraria Giori
Status  Completed


The bar Birraria Giori is located in the centre of Ferrara at the feet of the Estense Castle. Its prime location meant that it was very important to take into consideration the historical surroundings. The design was based on the principle objective of restoring the front of the bar which is part of series of arches facing the town hall, know as the “covered way”, part of the Vice-Legato palace dating back to 1877. The primary aim of the project was to “clean up” the original structure or design, stripping off the numerous additions and modifications from over the years to reveal the original form and materiality of the arch, and to provide continuation with the rest of the walkway. The gazebo remains intact, and the windows and a new second ceiling are designed around a motif that reflects the famous lantern which burns at the foot of the castle Estense. The interiors are characterised by the use of wood and stone, the shades of the plaster and the tones of the interior reflect the the equilibrium between the old and the modern. The triangular facets of the new bench seating and also the ceiling, decorated with golden flashes, are based on the rustication of the Palazzo dei Diamanti, the most important historical building of Ferrara.

Designed by Arch. Gianluca Zollino with Rizoma Architetture