Wellness & Spa / 2022
Wellness & Spa / 2022


Place     Ostuni
Year  2020
Status     Completed/ Project:                                                          RandomDesign



Blanca spa is a hidden place, an oasis of peace and beauty, where water and light come together in an intimate and welcoming space, made up of a few simple elements with a strong material connotation.

In the manner of the ancient Roman Thermae in which thick walls protected the moment of care of the body and spirit from the chaos of the outside world, so the small spa welcomes with its pure and primordial forms and with the whiteness of its surfaces, the atmosphere almost surreal of a distant time, like a corner of paradise where body care offers added value to the perception of space and where the senses are lost in the silence of the zenith light and in the noise of the water.

The spaces of the spa communicate with each other through arched openings that dig deep into the walls, emphasizing their sculptural character, while the lightness of thin windows and soft back-lit curtains complete the space, accentuating the contrast with the strength of the material.