Housing / 2021
Housing / 2021


Place  Faenza – RA
Year  2021
Client  Private
Status  Built


This project arises from the desire of a young couple from Romagna not to leave their birthplace, by chasing ways and lifestyles that are different from the ones offered by their area of origin.

An agricultural activity of excellence turns into the main reason that led this family to build a new house in their working place: an orchard of marvellous kiwifruit plants becomes the ideal frame to reconsider the rural house.

The farm 4.0 is a place up with the time but deeply rooted in the history of the Faenza countryside. The rural court is bordered by two new buildings: the one-floor NZEB building of the manor house, entirely built in wood and recycled/recyclable materials, without gas, open towards the court and sheltered from the morning sun thanks to a longitudinal porch that follows its home front; the barn/tool shed built in load-bearing walls, enriched by the roof with exposed wood beams and by cortex steel jalousies that protect the porch, pushing it towards a more contemporary compositional dimension.

Casa NL is home and work, not (only) the digital one, but the one bound to the earth, to your own roots and your own future, full of spaces for a family extended both to the closest relatives and the lots of people that liven up this context, not an isolated place, but a new piece of an involuntary rural cohousing, the tile of a mosaic that aims, joyfully, to the future without severing your own roots.

Ph. © Luca Capuano