Housing / 2015
Housing / 2015


Place  Ferrara
Year  2015
Client  Coop Cohousing Solidaria
Status  Built


The project Cohousing Sangiorgio is a residential building of 820 m² within a plot of 3.500 m² placed close to the Po River in city of Ferrara. The project involves the complete reconstruction of the site, the demolition of the two original abandoned buildings and then the construction an entirely new structure in their place. Aside from the main building there is also a garage and some other smaller external buildings. The project was designed through a procedure of open and continuing discussion between the technical team and the resident families. The concept of co-housing is one which has been tried out in many Italian cities. It consists in the construction of a housing complex which includes, aside from individual enclosed apartments for each family, spaces for communal living, where the resident families can come together to share some aspects of their daily lives. On the south side, there is a “solar slope”, larger than the one on the north side, which has been created to mount the solar panels. The construction will be made of wood using the X-LAM panel technique, and the compact volume of the building means that it is highly energy efficient; it consumes only 2,2 kWh/m² per year and the building has a Class A4 energy efficiency certificate.