Hospitality / 2020
Hospitality / 2020


Place  Lugano
Year  2020
Client  Hotel Lugano Dante SA
Status  Completed


The Lugano Dante is located in a strategic position, in the historic center of the city, a few steps from Piazza Riforma and the Town Hall, less than 10 minutes far from the LAC and the beautiful lakefront. An important meeting point for those who are in the city for leisure or for work, a reference point that can offer a temporary stop or a pleasant stay, taking advantage of the comfort of the most intimate spaces of the rooms or the versatility and functionality of the spaces for common activities.

A multifunctional space located within a winter garden, the Creative Box is the beating heart of LuganoDante’s innovative approach: a flexible, reconfigurable space with furnishings adaptable to a variety of uses, in a setting where plants express the principle of biophilia that recurs throughout the hotel’s design.


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