Work Spaces / 2022
Work Spaces / 2022


Place  Bologna
Year  2022
Client  CampusX
Status     Completed


Campus X is an Italian Student Housing that is growing rapidly throughout the Country. 

The vibrant, non-conventional young mood that characterises its structures, can be found also in the new headquarter of the HQ Office in Rome. The offices are located in a rigorous 70s building not far from Villa Borghese; the interior, in stark contrast to the context, fully reflects the CX brand identity.

The space was designed as a wide open space of about 320 sqm, in which they have identified areas with a different level of privacy, according to the department.

In this space interact daily the different souls of CX: here is where they manage the active structures, plan new openings, organise gatherings and business meetings, but you can also have a break in the lounge&game area.

Spaces are utilised to their full potential, obtaining several work places; the layout is completely flexible and reconfigurable thanks to mobile glass partitions, fabric doors (Doors) and phone boot and mobile meeting rooms (Mutelabs).

The interior design focuses on the contrast between Bold&Soft: strong and bold shades with vibrant and vivid colours, recycled materials with melange tones combined with polished metals.

An entire wing is characterised by cobalt blue shades that, as a colour spot, hit all the surfaces in order to highlight materials and finishings in furniture.

The working area is instead realised with more natural and subdued tones, all the walls are organised to make the job easier and more functional for different departments, thanks to acoustic pinnable walls and writable boards.

The project aims to recreate a cosy, smart and dynamic place, for a constantly evolving reality that can reflect the principles of sustainability, flexibility and adaptability.


Ph. © Bruno Gallizzi