Food & Beverage / 2020
Food & Beverage / 2020


Place  Milano
Year  2020
Client  SCNM S.r.l.
Status  Completed


DUMBO is a space born to offer a service of gourmet hamburgers, alternative to the proposal of the bars along the near Corso Sempione, it’s a more private place with a more intimate atmosphere.

The interior design project, like the lighting one, preferred materials, colours and finishings of international taste, without giving up the refined elegance of some details, as the counter for the preparation of cocktails and aperitivo, designed with an old-style Milan cut. DUMBO was born to become the bar downstairs, the bistrot where you can get a beer with your friends or where you can enjoy lunch or dinner in a private and cosy place.

Furniture is essential but composed by different pieces: a upholstered bench for longer breaks, wooden tables, metallic and leather chairs with a New York taste for a medium pause and an area with tall tables and stools, that can be separated thanks to an iridescent curtain and become a private dining for a surprise aperitivo. The walls are unrefined and covered by site specific graphics, creating a strong contrast with other glossy and cold finishings, like the big mirror aside the counter and the petrol-shade tiles that cover the private dining.

Also the sound proof and the system on the ceiling look like something not finished, counting on the contrast with the hanging vintage illumination and the petrol-colour corrugated sheet that covers part of the walls around the counter, custom designed for this space.

DUMBO was inaugurated at the beginning of 2020, it knew how to re-invent itself thanks to the explosion of home deliveries, but it’s waiting for a beer with friends, to stay together and enjoy in person its international atmosphere.

Ph. © Bruno Gallizzi