Offices / 2018
Offices / 2018


Place  Modena
Year  2018
Client  Casattiva
Status  Concept design


Happy Together – work well, work togetherrepresents the concept of an innovative working place: a building for a community of workers, customers, temporary guests who will be able to move inside and outside a space that is highly flexible, hybrid, comfortable and cosy. A healthy working place, where you can be happy with yourself and towards the world around you, a CAMPUS for always renewable energies, an example building that can inspire and suggest a new concept of job, founded on the idea that people, feeling well, may do something good for the others, for the planet and its inhabitants.

The volume of the building, projected by using the technology of the X-LAM wooden panels, looks like divided in four levels functionally recognisable, positioned and overlooking the central court.

Inside, they have foreseen a space dedicated to the caffetteria-bistrot, recognisable in the western side of the entrance area thanks to opalescent glass windows. The ground floor, on the contrary, opens towards the central area characterised by a wide hall that looks at the central court: a lounge where you can work, have a break, eat and drink, meet colleagues and customers for an informal business meeting. The hall is exposed towards the garden-court though a wide lass window, allowing the vegetation to get into the building.

The building is thought to respect the regulatory requirement of the almost zero NZEB energy structures, thanks to the strongly insulation layers of the casing, realised with recyclable material, to maintain a correct orientation inside the plot an to use renewable energies.