Hospitality / 2021
Hospitality / 2021


Place     Rimini
Year      2021
Client    Albatros s.a.s.



Funky Mediterraneo is the interior design project realised for Albatros Hotel in Rimini.

The idea comes from the combination of two styles that may seem apparently opposite but which create a non-conventional concept, coloured and with a marked material identity. An explosion of shapes and contrasts, a concept that is sexy and attractive, but above all intense and mediterranean.

The rooms are designed to let the customer experience the atmosphere of the Riviera, combining it with a funky touch that, in an apparently casual way, creates an informal and comfortable atmosphere.

The bold shades of blue and ochre contrast with the terracotta colours and the ones of the rattan, creating rooms in which freshness and lightness are protagonists.

The atmosphere, emphasised by styling, vintage objects and little decorations, makes this hotel welcoming, comfortable and certainly unconventional.

The style is eclectic and made of shiny blue, yellow and red colours, in contrast with the typical white of the mediterranean buildings. Each room is unique, with a special palette and refined details, that tell the passion and the talent for an authentic, bold and joyful beauty.

A special mention is due to two special rooms, enriched with site specific projects realised by two well-known mural artists: Natalia Resmini for the Surf room and Yopoz for the Fluo room.


Ph. © Bruno Gallizzi