Wellness & Spa / 2022
Wellness & Spa / 2022


Place     Riccione
Year  2018
Status     Completed/ Project:                                                          RandomDesign



An intimate and emotional space is the setting of Diva, a spa designed within a leisure-oriented hotel located on the Riviera Romagnola, in Riccione.

The Hotel de la Ville inaugurated in June 2018 the beautiful spa with an elegant character, geometric shapes softened by the use of soft color and the details of craftsmanship of the elements that compose it.


The distinguishing feature of Diva from other spas is its “social” character, which, like the ancient “Thermae” of the past, sees a space for relaxation characterized by large sofas where people can relax and talk, read a book or sip a tea in company sharing the experience of wellness.


In addition to a reception area there are three massage rooms, small changing rooms for guests and the wet area with an important whirlpool bath emphasized by a lush green wall and an exotic look that gives a breath of oxygen to the entire space. A central fireplace welcomes guests and the large living rooms symmetrically positioned with respect to the focal point of the spa create a friendly, warm and exciting convivial space. A minimal Turkish bath and a Finnish sauna offer moments of true well-being while maintaining a high level of design.


Ph. © Simone Cappelletti