Competition / 2019
Competition / 2019

Human Centric Hub

Place     Italy
Year  2019
Client  Confidential
Status     Second place


The tradition of shopping was deeply connected to the administrative, economic and cultural tasks of the city and the needs of the citizens used to find a place, along with trade, in the city center.

Over the centuries things changed and places where to go for shopping kept on expanding all over the world, until the ’20s of the last century when the shopping areas migrated from the urban centres to places that were disconnected from the daily life in town.
In this way shopping centres started to have their own identity with an architectural personality, giving to the consumers autonomous places to buy things.

Over the past few years the world has quickly changed and shopping malls don’t deal only with the social interaction between who sells and who buys, but they are based on something deeper and not so tangible: the customer experience.

For this reason, the Human Centric Hub has been thought not only like another mall, but to become a place where you can build social relationships, a place where you can be part of a community.

Human Centric Hub is thought as a urban magnet with a vital role for the city that will host it, a global village based on man, a place with a culture of narration that will give to the customers great moments of connection, creating stories every day and inserting people in an interactive tale.
Citizens and customers (not only the consumers) will be involved in the experience, they will be the experience itself: participation, dedication, transparency and authenticity are going to be the keys of the new interaction between People and Place.
Everybody will be involved in the narration of Human Centric Hub, everyone will take part to the community by playing and active role in the diffusion of a new lifestyle.

Combining entertainment, spare time, learning activities, wellness, Human Centric Hub is going to be the heart of the wide international community, the new square that will open its arms to everyone: Millennials, families, elderly people, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, local people, digital nomads and business travellers.

In Human Centric Hub the idea of the social HUB is connected to an experience path that could be covered by all the citizens of the community, citizens that will play the role of the hero in this tale, dividing it in 3 parts: departure, adventure, return!

At the end of the path visitors, consumers and citizens will feel Human Centric Hub as “the place to be”.