Food & Beverage / 2016
Food & Beverage / 2016


Place  Milan
Year  2016
Client  Berberè
Status  Completed


Setting up the right atmosphere is one of the most important elements of the Berberè concept, which conceives a pizzeria as a lively and vibrant social space. With the design of their restaurants therefore, they have always sought to create a rétro atmosphere, inspired by the simplicity and authenticity of the eateries of the past, with a modern twist.

Berberè Milano is located at the heart of the Isola district of Milan, within the historic Filippo Sassetti Centre which was built as a multi-use space in 1911 for the members of the builders cooperative of the same name. The architectural project pays homage to the Milanese restaurants of the 40s and 50s, with a juxtaposition of warm and cool colours and the use of back-to-basics materials, like the traditional checkerboard tiles, combined with luxury high-quality finishings, like the solid marble bar. The restaurant is composed of three rooms and can house up to 80 guests. The breaking up of the existing space made it necessary to construct new connecting devices, to improve functionality and create a stylistic coherence. It was decided, therefore, to convert the old corridor into a utility space and to create a new connecting space which would guarantee visual and actual permeability between the rooms. The middle room, which had been isolated, was opened up by the new corridor to the other rooms on both sides. On entering the premises through the entrance onto Via Sabenico one is ushered in by an expansive wall of white tiles with a mosaIc design that forms the word “Berberè” in black against the white. In this entrance room there is the reception and the pizzeria. The kitchen, with a pizza oven and large surfaces for rolling, is open to the rest of the restaurant, so diners can see their pizzas being made. It has a layout perfectly designed to fit its function. Behind the pizza making area there is a space for the preparation and cooking of cakes and puddings, whilst the utility areas are out of sight. The interior design, internal communications, the graphics and brand identity were all created by Comunicattive.

Wall painting: Nabla&Zibe.

Designed by Arch. Giambattista Ghersi with Rizoma Architetture

Ph. © Bruno Gallizzi