Lighting / 2019
Lighting / 2019


Place  Bologna
Year  2019
Status  Completed

Light is the third dimension of the project, an important factor that contributes to make a multisensory space and influences our emotional reaction more than any other element.

Rizoma Architetture believes that to finish and multiply the quality of the designed space, it is necessary to study its lighting.

What is the Lighting Design Approach for Rizoma Architetture?

The identification of the correct relation between light and space starts through the examination and photographic survey of the location, to view it in different moments of the day.

After this fundamental step, the following one is the dialogue with the customer.

In this exchange it is possible to understand which is the emotional state light has to create in that place, how it has to operate to add value to spaces, materials, colours and textures.

Because light, for per Rizoma Architetture, is not only a multiplier of the project quality, but it is the base of the relation among people meeting in that place: light, when it’s well designed, can make a place memorable.

In the Portici Hotel, the technical lighting merges with the decorative one, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere, preferring scattered lights, warm tones and reflecting metallic materials, thinking to an international and demanding clientele. The chosen lighting fixtures complete the styling choices that give a fashion and contemporary mood also to a historical context as Palazzo Maccaferri.

The lighting design reflects the language of an essential interior, minimal and refined, but flawless.


Ph. © Fabio Bascetta