Hospitality / 2022
Hospitality / 2022


Place     Milan
Year      2022
Client     CampusX



The Bicocca district of Milan is experiencing an intense regeneration phase thanks to driving factors such as University, Foundations and the creation of new cultural and commercial spaces. 

CX Milano Bicocca, that is arising into the former Manifattura Tabacchi, applies to become the Focus Point of this district, reconverting the building in an advanced student housing and co-living with a hybrid formula which is going to offer both a long and short stay for a total of 460 rooms and 600 sleeping accommodations, next to 2500 m2 of communal spaces. 

The layout is designed as an Open Floor in continuity with the outdoor areas that can host cultural events, neighbourhood activities or simply offer guests unique spaces of sharing and community.

The Interior Design project is built on the contrast between two distinct souls, a fusion between 2 concepts: RAW GLAM.

Aware of the history and the evolution of the building, the project considers the philological conservation of the container, as a HARD SHELL with “dirty skin” inside which it is possible to insert new functions and new flows, that are going to gravitate around iconic and monumental elements, defined GRAVITY POINTS.

CX Milano Bicocca candidates to become a creative hub, connected and branched out in the reality of the district and the city. In this way the local community will find in CX Milano a reference point, a Focus Point indeed, in which meet up, live, grow up, create and work together.