Competition / 2015
Competition / 2015


Place  London, UK
Year  2015
Client  London Borough of Wandsworth
Status  Competition


The London Borough of Wandsworth invited multi-disciplinary design teams from across the world to take part in a lively and interactive competition, to produce a concept design for a new cycle and pedestrian bridge across the River Thames in London, between Nine Elms and Pimlico. The purpose of the competition was to identify the best team, capable of designing and delivering a unique landmark bridge for this part of London and to explore what the various design options might be; it was not to select a specific design. The project was developed with engineer Massimo Majowiecki, Maffeis Engineering S.p.A., Campbell Reith Consulting Engineers and Guy Hollaway Architects LLP. The bridge creates two crossings for pedestrians and cylclists. The separation of cycling and pedestrian creates both a safe environment for walkers and quickcrossing for the cyclist. There are two resting places on the pedestrian bridge with integrated seating so to enjoy views on either side of the river anc city beyond. The bridge has a clear span between piers of over 150 m stretching from bank to bank at the total distance of approximately 200 m. The access to the cycle bridge is via a ramp and a concealed lift in the structural mast and stair serves the pedestrian bridge.

Designed by Arch. Giambattista Ghersi with Rizoma Architetture