Competition / 2015
Competition / 2015


Place  Parma
Year  2015
Client  Parma Local Authority
Status  Competition


This project, developed in conjunction with the engineer Massimo Majowiecki, was designed for the commission of a new pedestrian and cycle crossing over a river in the city of Parma. The existing bridge was a historical construction about 70m in length, sustained by 9 brick arches, across the river Baganza, destroyed in the infamous flood of 2014. The design is intended to provide continuity by retaining some important characteristics of the old bridge such as the materials and the shape. The hydraulic connections, however, necessitated the design of a bridge with a single arc, in contrast to the old structure. The typological choice of a spatial steel beam is intended to minimise the visual impact of the design. The profile of a beam bridge is lower than that of an arc bridge which is ideal for cyclists and wheelchair access. The project proposed to recall the techniques used for the old bridge: fine layers of clay attached with metal sheets to the underlying structure which, when finished, have the effect of real stone. The design uses smart techniques to make the bridge as low maintenance as possible, such as: an embedded heated coil which prevents ice forming, the use of LED lights and the application of self-cleaning ceramic coverings.

Designed by Arch. Giambattista Ghersi with Rizoma Architetture