Competition / 2015
Competition / 2015


Place  Parma
Year  2015
Client  Dallara Automobili SpA
Status  Invitations to tender


The Dallara Automobili Spa complex lies on the outskirts of the village of Varano de’ Melegari, near the city of Parma. The site of the new education centre will become the nerve point of the ‘Motor Valley’. The commission is for a new training and exhibition complex for the Dallara site in a plot measuring approximately 4.200 m². The total space viable for building on is 3.500 m², on which will be built a two-story building (plus the underground floors for parking) which will take up an area of 2.800 m². The design is based on a series of overlapping levels. The main building is a regular square structure, 36,5m in length, arranged on two main levels, into which is inserted a sequence of intermediate floors, and finally there is underground level for parking. The structure is 12x12m, with 60x60cm pillars in prefabricated reinforced concrete that run the whole height of the building and concrete beams of varying proportions. This walkway can be used to house educational exhibitions and will display the Dallara’s most important models, including the Lamborghini Miura. SpEED is a place where past, present and future meet, where we can learn from the past in order to design for the future. It is a place where science and technology can be experienced, and not just taught, where creativity and innovative design thrives.