Competition / 2020
Competition / 2020


Place  Rimini
Year  2020
Client  Confidential
Status  Second place


The concept of symbiosis guides the project for the new SYMBIOSIS Hotel.

The idea is to present a “made in RIMINI hotel”, tied to the soul of the town and capable of becoming an excellence. A place that blends with the city, the residents and the nature of the twofold scenery of the area, the one of the inland hills and the one of the sea.


The concept of symbiosis is therefore about the close relationship existing in Rimini among nature (the hills), town, mankind and nature again, the sea. Symbiosis is a project of cohabitation, about living together. The style and the experience of life itself (“bios”) are unique in Rimini: they involve  everyone, they bring people closer: tourists, residents, people passing through and casual visitors.

For this reason the structure of the hotel is going to work as an open house, a container open to the town and its various activities.


SYMBIOSIS is the result of the natural bond between Rimini and its people, between land and sea, not only place to be but also place for being.

SYMBIOSIS will be the core of the renovated capital of tourism, excellence of the unique lifestyle that it can express.