Hospitality / 2021
Hospitality / 2021


Place  Rimini
Year  2021
Client  DEMO
Status     Completed


The Suite “Tropicana Club” is located on the third floor of DEMO, with a view over Parco Briolini in Rimini.

It’s a 46 mq two-room apartment with a double bed, ideal for 2 people, composed by living area with bathroom and balcony + night area with private bathroom, walk-in-closet and sink and balcony.

The concept of the project comes from the desire to create an unconventional room, coloured and with tropical suggestions, an explosion of shapes and colours that joyfully winks at the 80s, with a defined manifesto: dare and have fun.

The suite is designed as two separated spaces, that share the same pop aesthetic: the Living/CLUB entrance area and the Night/RELAX area. The first one is characterised by intense colours and industrial materials, tiles and metal sheets firstly, and it’s inspired by historic clubs of the nightlife in Rimini. The kitchenette, turned into a real corner bar, makes this space the most “social” of the room, open to the town, a perfect location to throw parties or small events.

The iconic intense coloured furniture matches with the tropical set up of the two terraces. In comparison to the entrance the night area shows a lighter and more pop colour palette.

The space, more intimate, equipped with private bathroom, is strongly characterised by the structure of the bed area, which mixes graphic elements, industrial materials and pop additions and creates a cheerful, unique and extremely iconic design.


Ph. © Francesca Pagliai