Hospitality / 2020
Hospitality / 2020


Place  Bologna
Year  2020
Client  The Social Hub
Status  Completed


The geographical position of Bologna makes it a natural crossroad between Northern and Southern Italy. This city, that has got the most ancient university of the world, nowadays hosts more than 80.000 students coming from all over the world; thanks to the dynamism and the multiculturalism of this place, The Social Hub has chosen Bologna to open a new structure in Italy, characterised by a new idea of hotel accommodation, with a hybrid formula open to students, to Italian and foreign tourists, and to the citizens.

The Social Hub Bologna opened this fall in a strategic area of the city, the Navile block, inside the former Palazzo Telecom, only 5 minutes far from Bologna Central Station. The hotel has got a 26.000 mq surface, 361 rooms, the 62% of which dedicated to the students and the 38% to the other guests.

If the accommodation offer for the guests is not traditional at all, what The Social Hub provides to the city of Bologna is completely extraordinary: a Creativity Hub among the most interesting in Europe. TSH is a factory of ideas and jobs, thanks also to the 400 mq of the Collab, a space dedicated to co-working and open to the public. The core of the Creativity Hub will be the internal court, a real Italian square open to the city, where you can organise cultural events, concerts, conferences and deepen the food and beverage culture inside the restaurant The Commons.

TSH is a place that can represent the “new tempo” of the city: groundbreaking, creative, cosy, stubborn and eternally rebel.


Ph. © Martino Dini / Rizoma Architetture