Work Spaces / 2020
Work Spaces / 2020


Place     Bologna
Year  2020
Client  The Social Hub
Status  Completed


TSH Collab, the heart of The Social Hub innovation and leading-edge development, is a 510 sq. m coworking space on the ground floor of TSH Bologna. TSH Collab’s flexible range of services may be used temporarily or long-term: private offices for groups of up to four people, larger offices accommodating up to six workers, and community work areas offering “dedicated desks” for rent.

Large windows partition the spaces, allowing coworkers to see what is going on around them; the impression is of always being in company and part of a group, while at the same time having guaranteed access to complete privacy thanks to excellent wall sound insulation.

Coworkers have access to a flexible area at TSH Collab with tables, sofas and armchairs that is ideal for meeting coworkers, talking to clients, or taking a work break. TSH’s coworkers enjoy other perks too – a parking lot, restaurant, lobby, and internal courtyard – that are also accessible to their collaborators. TSH Collab is a space for creatives, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, for people looking for a smart, versatile and interconnected place to work, create and meet.

A community within the larger TSH community, driven by the coworkers and their shared desire to experience their workspace in a smart, interconnected way, TSH Collab’s life flows independently from the larger container within which it is located.

Ph. © Martino Dini / Rizoma Architetture