Work Spaces / 2018
Work Spaces / 2018


Place  Florence
Year  2018
Client  The Social Hub
Status  Completed


Inside the new structures of The Social Hub, among the spaces for common activities that add up to the ones for long and short term hospitality, the most important one is surely dedicated to the labour market. The ideal space for creatives, startuppers and young “revolutionaries” is called Collab: a creative hub dedicated to coworking, where you can breath an international atmosphere and be overwhelmed by a strongly innovative spirit.

The Collab in Florence is in the historic Palazzo del Sonno, a crystal aquarium included in a strategic area of the city, whose 700 mq surface is divided in three areas: the space Flex, where you can rent a post if only for one day, the space of the Dedicated Desks, where the rental of the post can be extended for a maximum of three months, and eventually the eights closed offices, where the monthly rental includes several other services such as the gym, the swimming pool and discounts on the internal restaurant service in TSH.

The Collab is equipped with spaces for informal meetings, it has got its own kitchen and some more reserved areas where you can make a phone call or a videoconference. The space has been created on a custom-made project: every detail, material and finishing has been thought to create a unique and authentic place, open to purposes that may be even different from a “traditional” job (for example concerts, conferences, fashion shows).  A space for mobile businessmen, for resourceful minds and travellers that, during a work lunch or a ping pong match, have the possibility to meet different people coming from all over the world, and becoming part of the completely connected community of TSH.

Ph. © Sal Marston