Food & Beverage / 2017
Food & Beverage / 2017


Place    Verona
Year  2018
Client  Berberè
Status  Completed


The new space in via Pellicciai 2 is located not far form Piazza delle Erbe, beating heart of Verona and one of the most beautiful and evocative squares in Italy.

As in the latest projects, the indoor spaces have been highlighted by a combination of vintage furniture, that goes back to the ’20s and the ‘50s, and something more contemporary with energetic and light pop colours.

The restaurant develops on two floors. On the groundfloor, the open kitchen defines the Berberè rooms, by pointing out the transparency in the preparation of the product. It is characterised by an important wooden counter, that occupies most of the room.  The walls are decorated with a boiserie composed by a mosaic of vintage small tiles, while in the dining room cherry wood tables stand beside tables with pastel-coloured formica on top. Also the chandeliers, made by an artisanal lab in Florence (above all Paralumi) like the ones in the other rooms, have been chosen to recreate the atmosphere and the splendour of past times. In the basement, the colour of the boiserie is orange-rose, in order to liven up the room. As in the other spaces, the wall painting is another characterising element.

This time we relied on the visual artist Percy Bertolini, who had already worked in the space in Milano Navigli. She realised a double work: on the ground floor she made an aviator child’s half bust, whose complete figure appears riding a toy plane on the big wall of the room in the basement. The graphics of the posters on the walls revoke and rework historical pictures of Verona at the beginning of the 20th Century, iconically reclaiming some historical symbols that characterise the city, like the famous whale rib or the Lamberti’s tower.  The purpose in common was to create a lively space, pop-coloured, warm and cosy, a bridge between past and future.

The staging, the internal communication, the graphic and the brand identity has been curated by Comunicattive.

Wall painting: Percy Bertolini.

Designed by Arch. Giambattista Ghersi with Rizoma Architetture

Ph. © Bruno Gallizzi