Housing / 2014
Housing / 2014


Place  Marzabotto, BO
Year  2014
Client  Private
Status  Under construction


This project involves the remaking of an old farmhouse and barn found inside a rural courtyard close to the small town of Marzabotto in the Appennini Mountains. The old structures will be demolished and will be replaced by two completely new constructions. The design for the new main building involves its construction in X-LAM structural wood of 100mm thickness, with a outer casing of wood fibre with a width between 20-24 cm. The compact volume of the building will mean that it has a good surface value relation, while the heating and hot water systems will mean that the total Eptot (energy used by the water systems) is less than 20KWh/m², giving the building a Class A+ energy efficiency certificate. The farmhouse is equipped with a basement garage and a utility room, where the wood pellet heating and hot water system will be located. The traditional wood burning oven, made of local stone, in the basement of the house will be recovered and restored for use. The new barn will be made of the same materials and technology as the farmhouse and will have the same insulation system. The main finishing materials will be raw plaster of varying grains, wood for the shading system and corten steel for the frames of some of the windows and the doors of the main entrances.