Competition / 2022
Competition / 2022


Place  Bologna
Year  2022
Client  Confidential
Status  Second place


The work landscape has evolved and transformed over the past two years, redefining the way we work and use the office, preferring hybrid working models that involve a combination among office, remote working and workstation flexibility both on site and for the remote workers.

Although these models have proved to be useful, there are still a few elements missing to live up to our post-pandemic needs. In general, we have to switch from a place focused on work to a model that is more careful to people’s wellness and sociality.

WELL is not a simple office, but a meeting place for customers and workers, a new agora.

An innovative and unique work space that embraces the principles of wellness, associated with a new relationship between man and environment, creating a fluid and flexible space, ideal for working.

WELL is a place with a strong emotional quality that gives priority to workers’ health and safety, creating an atmosphere that is supportive to safe human interaction, developing creativity and new forms of exchange, knowledge and interaction among people.