Offices / 2013
Offices / 2013


Place  Bologna
Year  2013
Cliente  ProholzEmilia
Status  Ongoing


This design is for the restoration of a warehouse located inside the Magazzini Frigoriferi factories of Bologna, which is to be transformed into offices and exhibition spaces. The building has been divided into two parts: the northern zone is set aside to be used as a reception area, showroom and offices; and the southern part will be a warehouse. The structure of the building will consist of load bearing X-LAM panel walls for the partition of the offices and the warehouse, and of a new mezzanine level floor above the offices. The showroom will retain its original height, double that of the offices divided by the mezzanine, and will be a large space adapted for exhibitions and displays, with a display wall in plasterboard which hides the stairs behind and creates a triangular space. New high energy efficiency windows will be put in and exterior blinds made of vertical wooden slats will be installed to protect the surfaces of the façade and the interior from the sun. On the first floor the wooden blinds have been interrupted and an overhanging steel sheet has been inserted. Close to the entrance on the north side there will be a small bamboo garden with seating and a water feature.