We are space makers

We are creators of content and open spaces for people’s lives.

The team of the firm, founded in Bologna by architect Giovanni Franceschelli after professional experiences in other cities and other countries, is composed of designers and creative people always looking for innovative ideas.
The firm is structured into two departments, one dealing with architectural design specifically for green buildings, and the second specializing in interior design and lighting design.
The research and development system is implemented by a strong communication and strategic marketing strategy.
At the heart of Rizoma Architectures’ work is the theme of living, declined in different ways according to the projects that are developed and that respond to equally diverse needs.
Communities and contemporary society are undergoing a profound transformation, which has strongly involved both the way private spaces are inhabited and the way public spaces are experienced. In the wake of this transformation, the practice of Rizoma Architectures has shifted to a much more open and broadened principle of new forms of living, involving spaces that go far beyond the intimate, private and traditional realm of homes, shifting the focus from the concept of housing to the more extended concept of hospitality.

The result was a reflection on the profession of the architect and architecture, leading to a new definition of the firm’s daily practice, a definition that also takes into account the social role of the architect.
No longer or perhaps not only architects then, but Space Makers, designers, creators of spaces for people’s lives. “Spaces,” because the role of the designer and his or her ability to conceive environments from geometric thought remains central, although perhaps it would be better to speak of “places of the soul.”

Space Makers is the task that Rizoma Architectures has assigned to itself and that it wants to decline with respect to the needs and demands of the clients, setting with them the goal of looking at what will happen “the day after,” when from the design idea we will move on to the game played on the field of daily use, drawing emotions and building life experiences.

Contributors since 2009

Mirco Bianchini, Laura Montermini, Kristina Martinaitytė, Gintare Andreikenaitė, Giuliano Primi, Mattia Marzolla, Vaiva Andriušytė, Jolanta Stefanovič, Angelica Verdini, Serena Scalia, Giovanni Checchia de Ambrosio, Elena Cantoni, Gabriele Berti, Giacomo Pizzardi, Luca Rimondi, Francesco Borghi, Francesca Chirico, Julian Mesa Slooten, Giambattista Ghersi, Gianluca Zollino, Francesco Corradi, Virginia Della Casa, Giorgio Nizzero, Silver Brelsford.