Work Spaces / 2018
Work Spaces / 2018


Place  Reggio Emilia
Year  2018
Client  UNE Srl
Status  Completed


Design for the new office and production space for UNE Srl, an Italian company which works in renewable energy production producing and storing solar energy. The complex is around 2,700m² and is on a large estate of 5,000m² situated in Correggio, close from the high-speed train station at Reggio Emilia. After having evaluated the layout of the countryside on the south side and the mountains on the distant horizon, in conjunction with the positioning of the house and its exposure to the sun throughout the day, we came up with the idea of an open campus with a large courtyard that looks over the countryside on the south. The complex is divided into two parts for two different functions: the production centre has a Cartesian design with regular shapes and is located on the north-east side, while the offices are housed by buildings on the south side. The buildings which house the offices, as well as a training centre, have an organic and irregular design, composing of constructions of different heights and forms, all positioned around the courtyard. From the entrance it will be possible to access the left wing of the complex, where the offices are arranged over three floors, as well as the training centre and some workshops and conference rooms on the ground floor. The complex will be entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy production and consumption and will have 500m² of solar panels on the roof of the production building.

Ph. © Luca Capuano