Food & Beverage / 2016
Food & Beverage / 2016


Place  Turin
Year  2016
Client  Berberè
Status  Completed


The restaurant opened at the end of February inside a refectory complex called Binaria in Turin. It is located inside an old factory related to Fiat during the 70’s and today it has become a part of Gruppo Abele, a non-profit organization. It is a multifunctional place and a meeting point for many people: today the factory holds the Berberè Pizzeria, but also a library, a market with bio products, a children’s room and an antiques store. As an industrial building, Berberè Binaria is located in a huge open space, high and strongly identified. The main idea for the architectural project and the creative and dressing part is to combine the industrial elements that strongly characterize the space with Berberè’s mission. The concept of the project respects the industrial nature of the building by using materials and furnishings that remember the old function of the place and, at the same time, it creates a comfortable setting. The kitchen functional layout has been conceived to be optimizing and comfortable for the people who work in and it is divided in different areas: the bar and the kneading-pizza area in the front; the scullery, the warehouse and the service rooms in the back.

Designed by Arch. Giambattista Ghersi with Rizoma Architetture

Ph. © Bruno Gallizzi