Food & Beverage / 2021
Food & Beverage / 2021


Place     Fano
Year  2021
Client     Private
Status   Completed


Market square has always been a place of meetings and social and generational equality, it represents the meeting place between countryside and city, between backcountry and seaside.

The identity of the place and the traditions, above all the culinary ones, come together with culture, they mix up and create a glimpse of life never equal to itself.

Guendalina was created because of the need to be a place open to everyone, an inclusive and cozy place.

Its position halfway between two constructions built in different periods, made us consider the perspective of a possible duality.

The concept of Half&half is carried out not only in the social vision of a place open to all generations and to different configurations during the day, but also to the stylistic and architectonic aspects.

From this thought they have created a color palette, whose colours go from the warm shades of the backcountry and the bricks (typical of the roman city) to the more mediterranean tones inspired by the nautical culture of Fano.

Guendalina will be a place that was not there before…


Ph. © Bruno Gallizzi