Housing / 2016
Housing / 2016


Place  Bologna
Year  2016
Client  Private
Status    Completed


This project is for the design and construction of a single-family residential unit on a 1052 m² site near Bologna.

There is a two-story main building, a separate out-house and a swimming pool in the garden.

The main building has a surface area of 250m². The ground floor will house the day rooms, whereas the first floor will house the sleeping quarters. The design of the ground floor is characterised by Cartesian geometry and is divided into three functional sections in three perfect squares, creating an uneven plan.

In the central part there is the entrance which faces onto the living area and which is characterised by the stairs leading up to the second floor. Having no vertical divide, the entrance is open up to the roof and is as high as both floors. The day rooms include the kitchen, which is separated by the stairs and a sliding panel from the dining room and the living room, and so can be opened out or close off. The first floor has the shame shape as the ground floor, giving the whole building a form which makes it more closed off on the side of the road and more open on the side facing the garden and the swimming pool.

The building structure is made of wood panels. The ground floor has a ceramic coating, while the first floor is finished in smooth light-colored plaster.