Residential / 2015
Residential / 2015


Place  Bologna
Year  2015
Client  Private
Status  Completed


This project is for the restructuring of the top floors of an inter-war apartment building located in a beautiful city garden in the south of the city of Bologna, where the foothills of the Appennini begin. The building is situated in a zone protected by the local authority since the 1950s from over-urbanisation due to its natural beauty. The restructuring will include a new roof made entirely of wood which will hugely increase the energy performance of the building. It will also involve the merging of the two upper-most floors via the demolition of the concrete dividing floor which will be replaced by wooden beams and floorboards. The apartment is characterised by the simple elegance of the rationalist architecture of the 1930s. The internal spaces have been divided into four zones: the large living space which opens out onto a terrace in one corner; the bedrooms in the top floor; the master bedroom space; and the attic room which opens onto a new terrace. Wood, ceramics, stone, plaster and walls in white-washed brick perfectly compliment the existing period door frames and arches, the warm resin floor of the attic room and the natural wood of the new staircase. The apartment is characterised by space and light, and by the views onto the hills and onto the city of Bologna.