Housing / 2018
Housing / 2018


Place  Bologna
Year  2018
Client  Private
Status  Built


The project is about a one-family residential unit realised in 2018 and located in the countryside near San Giovanni in Persiceto, not far from Bologna.

The house is arranged over two floors and it introduces itself with a wide open space on the outdoor garden, situated in the southern side of the estate.

Built for a great comfort, according to the wood frame technology WOLF HAUS ENERGIA PIÙ, it presents a technology that allows the structure to be independent from the fossil energetic sources and to produce in a year more energy than it consumes to satisfy the primary energy needs (heating, cooling and sanitary hot water). The very high quality and the insulation of the spaces allow to minimise the energy consumption, which is completely covered by some low-consumption set of installations, powered by renewable energy produced by the photovoltaic plant.

The house has been projected to be a space with a double function: living and working, therefore on the ground floor there is a space to study and work, and on the first floor we can find a playroom that’s ideal for those who work remote but also for who needs a place in which children can play and have fun.

After realising the main project, we started with WOLF HAUS the executive part. We have planned in our office the report of construction site (3 days) to choose all the finishings of the house, which has been realised and completed in only 5 months.

The building has a wooden platform-frame structure: a frame structure that includes also the platform for the upper floors. It is assembled directly on site and it is the housing skeleton that is fixed to the foundations. (Walls are assembled in factory and set up on site).

The building has been thought to have all the legal requirement of the almost zero NZEB energy structures, thanks to the strongly isolating layers of the casing realised with recyclable materials, to a correct orientation inside the plot and to the use of energy produced by a photovoltaic installation of 6 kw.

Ph. © Fabio Bascetta