Housing / 2012
Housing / 2012


Place  Forlì
Year  2012
Client  Private
Status  Built


CASA MAS is a family villa designed and built from scratch, based on the idea of creating a house which is state of the art both in terms of comfort and in terms of energy efficiency. The building has a basement floor in armoured cement, which opens out onto a small patio, and two floors above ground constructed entirely of wood. The panels of the wooden structure are made of X-LAM, produced by ProholzEmilia, the roof and attic are also constructed in wood, and the covering and finishing design are both entirely of wood. The use of efficient materials, along with the installation of a highly efficient heating, hot water and electrical system, means that the house will have a class A+ energy efficiency certificate, on completion of the installation of the solar panels. The house is therefore highly efficient, the materials are all re-usable and CO2 emissions have been reduced by 80%. The house, therefore, has minimal impact on the environment. Casa Mas represents a concrete example of sustainable architecture. The building is designed in a T shape, with the “closed volume” facing the street, so that the two wings of the T protect two garden spaces. The parts exposed to the South are reserved for the day rooms, whereas the parts exposed to the north are kept for the sleeping quarters and utility rooms. The most intimate part of the house, the kitchen and the living room is centred around one of the protected courtyards which has a hanging garden positioned over a patio on the basement floor. The slopes of the roof have been sculpted according to the sunlight and solar rotation.