Residential / 2016
Residential / 2016


Place  Bologna
Year  2016
Client  Private
Status  Completed


In the ’60, in the very first suburb of Bologna, near the hills that surround the city, a residential neighbourhood was built to replace the ancient spinning mill. The regular pattern of the reinforced concrete structure helped to think about a total demolition operation for the walls inside the flat, in order to create a wide open space. Considering the composition of the family who lives there, it was necessary to obtain a large living area for the daily activities, cosy and spacious, but also divisible to reserve a part for another potential room.

The bedroom area is separated, with adaptable spaces and environments, suitable for the future transformations of the family habits. After revealing the load-bearing structure and remaking all the installations in accordance with an important energy renovation intervention, it has been possible to restart from the very beginning and project on a white paper a manifesto of the domestic flexibility. The clear separation between the living area and the bedroom area has been achieved by projecting, instead of simple partitions, a wooden backbone, a wardrobe-wall, open both towards the living area and towards the bedrooms and the aisle.

The house is built around this site-specific element: inside the study-room, a third container furniture has been made with a tip over bed, so that the arrangement of the study can change only with a simple movement and become another room for the guests or one of the children. The house is provided with a home automation system for the lights, the obscuring system and the heating and cooling installation.

Photos: Andrea Ferrari.